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Experts from China Water Association visited our company for inspection and guidance

Release time: 2019-06-29

年6月15-16日,由中国城镇供水排水委员会管道工作部及安徽方兴实业股份有限公司联合主办召开的“供水管网维修、抢修及设备材料应用技术指南”研讨会成功举办。 On June 15-16, 2019 , a seminar on "Technical Guide for Water Supply Pipeline Network Maintenance, Rush Repair and Application of Equipment Materials" was successfully held by the Pipeline Department of China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Commission and Anhui Fangxing Industrial Co., Ltd. Anhui Fangxing Industrial Co., Ltd. was the organizer of the meeting and attended the meeting.


(meeting venue)

    水协专家领导对“供水管网维修、抢修及设备材料应用技术指南”讨论稿进行了热烈讨论并初步达成一致意见,我司作为该“技术指南”的起草单位成员,从设备研发、生产及实际应用方面提出了合理化建议,得到了专家领导的一致认同和采纳。 At the seminar, experts from the Water Association held a heated discussion on the draft of the Technical Guideline for Water Supply Pipeline Network Maintenance, Rush Repair, and Equipment Material Application and reached preliminary agreement. As a member of the drafting unit of this Technical Guideline, our company Reasonable suggestions were put forward in R & D, production and practical application, which were unanimously approved and adopted by expert leaders.


(Expert leaders visit the inspection workshop)
After the meeting, leading experts of the Water Association visited our company's production site accompanied by our senior executives. They agreed with our company's technical strength and production capacity in the valve industry, and also placed high hopes on the development and production of water valve products produced by our company. , And earnestly hope that our company will increase its promotion and promotion in terms of equipment technology level, internal management and marketing; let more water supply companies use better water supply valve products, in order to protect the water supply company's pipeline production and for the people Contributing to the goal of providing quality drinking water!