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The company's labor union organized employees to participate in the "May Day" mountaineering competition of Qingyang County employees and achieved good results!

Release time: 2019-04-24


In order to enrich the amateur cultural and sports life of the majority of employees, lead a healthy and civilized lifestyle, promote the development of national fitness programs, and promote the development of health-promoting counties, on April 13, 2019, our company's labor union organized 6 employees to form two teams to participate in Qingyang County employees celebrated the "May 1st" mountaineering competition. The competition opened in Jiuziyan Scenic Area. Employee representatives from various agencies, enterprises and institutions of the county gathered here to compete fiercely.


  All the players in our company are full of spirits. You chase after me and finally get the third-class awards, which fully shows the spirit of Fangxing and the spirit of hard work.


  Through this mountaineering competition, employees not only exercised their bodies, tempered their will, but also cultivated their temperament, effectively activated the employees' amateur life, strengthened the spirit of teamwork, and made employees love sports, advocate sports, and have a healthier and stronger atmosphere. . It provides a platform for exchanges and communication among employees, increases unity, deepens friendship, and broadens horizons.