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Fang Xing Industry, recast glory! Successfully listed on the "New Third Board"!

Release time: 2017-04-03

870797)“新三板”挂牌仪式在北京全国中小企业股份转让系统隆重举行。 On the morning of March 22, 2017, the listing ceremony of the New Third Board of Anhui Fangxing Industrial Co., Ltd. (security referred to as "Fangxing Industrial" and stock code: 870797) was grandly held in the national SME stock transfer system in Beijing. This will be recorded in the historical moment of Fang Xing's annals, carrying Fang Xingren's dream for twenty years! For Fang Xingren, the official launch of the New Third Board listing indicates that the company's scale and strength will enter a new pattern and height.



In order to achieve the listing target as soon as possible, Fangxing Industrial completed the joint-stock reform in December 2015 and established a joint stock company. Subsequently, the company has been required to improve and standardize management, optimize development strategies, and improve profitability in accordance with the requirements of the shareholding system. It is always ready to enter the capital market. With the concerted efforts of all the colleagues of the company, partners from all walks of life, active preparations and the strong support of leaders at all levels, Fangxing Industrial finally welcomed the good news in January 2017 and officially entered the capital market.


Since its establishment, Fangxing Industry has always adhered to the development strategy of “Strengthening the Industry and Promoting the Brand”, adhering to the core values of “quality, innovation, integrity, and win-win” and taking “providing high-end valves for water systems and improving the quality of human life” as the He has been in charge of providing high-end products and system solutions for the global water supply system, and has been continuously innovating and forging ahead to achieve a better and faster development of the company.


   During the listing ceremony, Mr. Fang Zuosheng, chairman of the board, said that Fang Xing Industrial's successful entry into the domestic capital market was an important milestone for the company's development, and it was a new starting point and new momentum. The company will seize this precious opportunity to enter the capital market, and focus on the industrialization of fluid equipment and full-service, and seek to integrate resources with enterprises in the industry and strategic cooperation with industry investors; continuously improve product grades and enterprise innovation capabilities, and establish The company's high-end brand image, expanding Fangxing's popularity and influence, achieving rapid growth in company performance, achieving mutual benefit and win-win for customers, society, employees and shareholders, and striving to build Fangxing into a technology-leading, powerful, brand-excellent and world-class company. Fluid equipment manufacturing service company!