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Talent Concept of Fangxing Company

Talent concept: integrity and professional competence

Interpretation: Morality and behavior are the criteria for evaluating employee quality, and professional skills are the conditions for creating post value.

Fangxing always believes: "The integrity of an employee's conduct determines his recognition, loyalty, professionalism and responsibility for the company. A person with excellent morals and good behavior must be able to do a good job; training and Learning can improve the overall quality and professional skills of personnel, and earnestness and dedication can create value. "

Since its establishment, the company attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents. Through strategic alliances with international professional training institutions, it has invested nearly 800,000 yuan in the past three years to organize all employees in stages, batches, types of external training and internal training. Training and learning, successively introduced courses such as "teaching organization model", "business management system profit model", "5S management system" and "six-star mentality management" courses, etc., which comprehensively improved the quality of all employees and sublimated everyone's thinking Values have strengthened the cohesiveness of the enterprise, cultivated a group of technical experts with one expertise and multiple capabilities, laid a solid foundation for the company's talent development, and provided an endless impetus for the high-speed development of the enterprise.