About Fangxing

About Fangxing

Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and the common belief of all employees. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the people-oriented and sustainable development concept and gradually formed its own corporate culture. In the course of enterprise development, Fangxing Culture has gone through a process from unawareness and consciousness, never from system to system, from excellence to excellence, reaching the state of "internalization in the heart, solidification in the system, externalization in the line" In the end, the cultural characteristics of "Four Consistency"-"consistent ideals and visions, consistent core values, consistent strategies, and consistent actions".

Fangxing corporate culture system and philosophy

I. Strategic level:

Fangxing Mission: To provide high-end valves for water systems to improve the quality of human life
Fangxing Vision: Become a world-class valve manufacturing company
Employee Vision: Live and Live Well, Wonderful Life

Second, the strategic level:

Fangxing Values: Quality, Belief, Innovation, Integrity, Persistence, Responsibility, Pragmatism, Efficiency, Collaboration, Win-Win
Core values: quality, innovation, integrity, and win-win
Fang Xing's Ideal: Do big business in a small place
Fang Xing's Belief: Fang Xing's Centennial Foundation
Fang Xing spirit: there is no eternal success, only continuous efforts

Third, the implementation level:

Business philosophy: target market oriented, brand value at the core
Management concept: superiors serve subordinates, subordinates obey superiors
Working philosophy: Don't use excuses as reasons, just find ways for success

Action concept: Immediate implementation to ensure the results of the action
Customer philosophy: Create customer value and achieve mutual benefit and win-win
Service concept: Everyone cares about the market and serves them with heart
Quality concept: character determines quality, standard determines level
Talent concept: Moral ability is more important than performance
Team concept: Unlike the sands colliding with each other, as if the stars shine on each other
Salary concept: Responsibility determines position, and results determine salary
Safety concept: Safety guarantees production, production must be safe
Saving concept: What is wasted is resources, and what is saved is profit
Investment philosophy: Focus on the development of the main business and realize the integration of resources

◆ Fangxing Industrial Mission Statement:

We are the pioneers and the guardians of Fang Xing Foundation:
Creating a world famous brand in China's valve industry is our bounden duty!
Providing high-end valves for water systems and improving the quality of human life is our sacred mission!
We pursue benevolence and filial piety, loyalty and integrity; we advocate teamwork and achievement sharing;
We regard quality as life, innovation as soul; sincerity and trust, coexistence and win-win.
I swear:
Use your career ideals and beliefs to eliminate short-sighted and profitable;
Promote partners to live and work with common values, and the business foundation of the company is evergreen;
I will use my life's energy and wisdom to accomplish the great cause of prosperity;
I came for a mission, I was born for a big event, and I will fight for the rise of the Chinese national industry for life!